For Optitur the accessibilIty is an important factor, being one of the goals of the web, the fact that the users could surf the contents of this web platform without access difficulties, independently of any kind of disability. Therefore, different functions of this portal have been studied, in order to guarantee to the user an access to all of these contents. Among the principal ones outstand:

The HTML code and CSS, used in service, adjust to the formal grammars to guarantee a correct visualization of the contents of different browsers.

Visual characteristics of the portal (type, size, color and background, etc.) are defined by means of the style sheet so as the user could adjust the text to their preferences.

The structure and semantic composition of the site have been taken into account.

Therefore, the website counts with an adequacy of the AA level, defined in the specification of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), by the Web Accessibilty Initiative (WAI) of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), except for:

  • PDF documents
  • And for the videos included in the portal

Although we followed the criterions of W3C, we are conscious that we cannot guarantee the easiness of access to our Web. Therefore, we would love to continue working to improve our web in this aspect and in order that you could realize comments and suggestions, use our contact form.