Ten Doubts About FuckSwipe You Should Clarify

None is actual, the site filled with lies, only good for looking at nude women but don’t expect anymore than looking, A complete scam. Work colleagues gained access to my phone and subscribed me to this website for a jokeI now receive numerous pornographic images in my mobile phone. The site looks great, the woman look real, until you start to converse together, that they keep you dangling, assure you that they are actual, and not fake like most are, promise to fulfill soon but some thing in their program unexpectedly pops up and cant make itbut have each suggestion to keep you , ask for a photograph not on their profile, oh dear somebody broke my camera, or site wont upload.

I also think they are associated with a business named Clickand flirt.com. Its one big scam, I have been talking to somebody known as [name removed], assured me I had been the one, desired to live with me , but cant get her program to work. There appears to be no way of deleting ones account, one. Hate to think how much she has taken me but very good at its job. FuckSwipe / the warning sign that came up stating I will be charged $10 for each 10 minutes I haven’t confirmed my details with your business. Only advice, remain well clear of this scam.

That is nuts You as us to provide you our banking details that you already have as a subscriber to make sure I’m not a scammer How do I no this isn’t a scam out of your end I want to remain within this website but I’m not going to give you my banking details because that would be stupid to get it done. Hey I was originally excited when I found this site and the girls searching for fun. I signed up for a 3 day trial and have been charged way more than what had been agreed upon. No I don’t answer but still get saucy message out of all (so called) forms of girls wanting fun. Please delete my account ASAP and return my money. When I don’t answer they get angry.

I would do it myself but your website won’t allow it as you can see in the photos. It is not real and all imitation. I’ve got multiple charges on my accounts of $25.22 I need my money. Is this a standard reply for a girl wanting you:’ ”I think that it is actually dreadful of you! How the hell can you act in this manner?

I really wonder what the hell is wrong with you? Why are you not getting back to me? I would like to finish my subscription but I want a code to finish it but I don’t need that code, so I expect you can send that code into my Email adress so that I can finish it. A site designed to make money for the owners in your cost. HelloI have FuckSwipe subscription for many weeks. Dont even think of spending money there as its total fabrication. From a specific day, I receive no responses to my messages.

Very gifted typeset. This is not because the customers would neglect me. They tell you exactly what you want to hear.

Some of them do, I am positive. Request them about local understanding and it’s very avasive ( material any bimbo would know ) However, NOT ALL. Please read the Terms and Conditions of this site that say among other conditions: 5.2.

What is the explanation for this situation: I receive messages not one but at. MysecretFuckSwipe.com has amusement as its goal, it is explicitly not the purpose of mysecretFuckSwipe.com to establish dates or meetings in person. 2. You tell me payment did not go through. They do what they state according to above 5.2.

I looked at my bank. That’s not a scam. It went through. They are guilty of deceiving customers till they read 5.2, but neglect;t winge if you neglect;t read the Terms and Conditions, the little print Ignorance doesn’t legally count. Please refund my money.

Know better, choose better. Your website is phoney. Hi for Gods sake most of us on these assembly are fair dinkum looking for a mate. You’ve got women sitting behind computers carrying on multiple conversations with. When you seem to be going OK compared to BAM. I demand that you remove the account of Emmitt91 from your website immediately.I have attempted multiple times to remove it but your website only turns me in fucking circles time and time again.I think the email address linked to the account will be [email protected] is all the. Please be a fair site.

Hello. Thanks. My names is James bergeron.

I made contact with girls on this site who lived in my area and when requested to chat at name how many hotels/motels from the region they were stumped. On Jul8, 2018(today), I wished to discontine my 3 day fuckswipe.com messages trial period($2.97) payment since I have read that this dating website (FuckSwipe.com), is a scam) They state that after my 3 day trial, I must pay $39.95 a month if I don’t finish my trial period in 3. People trying to catch up for the nighttime who lived in Darwin and Perth. Please delete and block with immediate effect the account Charliewessonfe with all the email [email protected] My ex fiance contacted you already and I am emailing again to hopefully speed up the procedure. I’ve sent details to Australian Federal Police.

My fiance has been caught out thanks to his stupid actions im leaving him. It’s all fake, not one of these girls are genuine people they are bots profiles since somebody is working it & making out they are the girls I have texts my phone number to test whenever they ring but I got was excuses after excuses. I want to cancel repeat billing ASAP and also the website won’t let me. If it was real, they wouldn’t be playing stupid games for me to spend more by the way there’s no Refund on anything your a member with here so do ‘t waste your money it since they’ll take each dollar invested. Nobody has contacted me and I don’t want to be charged.

I am not happy with this site and today I am quite wary of any dating websites. . Help me! Each time I get into a certain point in the cancellation procedure the website "handily " loses connection to the world wide web, this occurs both on the background. You give them the number they are so eager to tell u how they need you they then keep u text on the site so they can charge u 2.66 a message it’s fake don’t waist your time.