We are convinced that the touristic cooperation creates products and services that adapt to the preferences and needs of new tourists that generate wealth and promote the competitiveness and productivity of the sector.

In Optitur we are working in order to make this concept reality and provide it for the service of our clients. Your business will be projected in various channels and you will be able to cooperate with other entrepreneurs to create and position products and attractive experiences without any kind of investment.


The coworking is a new concept in Tourism that promotes the cooperation between agents to compete on the market. It confers the possibility of establishing commercial relations between the users of the system in more than 7.500 promotion channels.

With Optitur, your business is as huge as the total of all companies of your surroundings. Collaborate to compete.

Thanks to Optitur, I could establish a commercial relationship with Miguel who has a company of activities close to my business. I created products that have been commercialized in more than 7.500 channels, and without knowing him previously… Nowadays, we transformed into friends and commercial partners.