Optitur is committed to respect what is disposed in Ley Orgánica 15/1999 (Organic Statute) from December 13th, of data protection of personal character and, in this sense, informs as following.

For the utilization of determined contents and services, Optitur will be authorized to require from the user certain data of personal character. In this case, Optitur will inform about it previously and adequately to the user, so as the user could perform their consent for the treatment of their data by Optitur in concrete aims. In these cases, determined data are considered indispensable and, if these are not provided, the utilization of these contents or services will not be possible.

These data will be maintained in the strictest confidence and will not be used in any other aim.

The user will have a possibilty to revoke the consent and execute the access rights, rectification, cancellation and oposition, addressing to the Directorate of Optitur.