Optitur is continuously investing in innovation and in projects with a high I+D+i factor, which allows us optimizing the efficiency and integral touristic management of 21st century.

Therefore, Optitur is focused on three approaches:

  • To promote and maximize an economic development of the Touristic Sector, among all the “ignition agents” that compose the touristic supply and demand.
  • To create and position products and services of added value for the Tour Operators, entities of promotion, receptive operators and tourists.
  • To qualify and train the agents of the touristic sector in the use of the technologic solutions of mangement that will help them in the commercialization and promotion of the product.

Finally, Optitur bases its strategy on the touristic development as a strategic approach of the economic increase of countries.

The tourist of 21st century demands dreams, not beds. Our model of innovation is an open and a multidisciplinary model. We are working with a touristic company structure to reach the innovation and excellence, adapted to every kind of tourist. This way, we will achieve positive results in the commercialization and promotion actions.

Rafael Pintado, CEO of Optitur