The touristic innovation is one of the principal ideas of cognizance for Optitur. It allows us transfering the cognizance and good practice to the touristic enterprising structure to apply to it major competitiveness and productivity.

In Optitur we are conscious of that and we work basically on four levels:

  • In the daily activity of the enterprising structure that composes the value chain of the tourism sector.
  • With clients and cognizance to attend their preferences, tastes and needs.
  • With the executive team of the companies of the tourism sector as a strategic element to foment the “ignition of change”, needed in the sector.
  • And with employees, as an essential factor to impulse the mangement of the talent.

We are developing a considerable effort to apply to the tourism entrepreneurs value solutions that would help to improve an efficient management of resources and capacities. We are conscious that the only way to maintain on the market and to improve the competitiveness, consists on innovation.

We believe in creation of the new touristic businesses, new products and in internationalization.

Rodrigo Martin, Responsible for Innovation