The importance of tourism, as a vehicle of the social development and of the economical development, has been authorized by the international community, by means of numerous initiatives. Its deep dependence on the natural heritage and on the biodiversity, as well as its efficiency, as a strategic tool, have generated a change of menatlity of the society that searches the conservation of the natural environment as an essential mean of promotion of the touristic destinations.

The Sector needs to evolve and to know how to adapt to the tendencies and preferences of the markets. Therefore, the enterprising structure lacks of, and needs innovative tools to foment its promotion and commercialization by means of Internet and social networks, increasing this way the profitability of its activity.

The new tourist demands to live unique and proper EXPERIENCES, adapted to their needs. The massive tourism that required simple and non-complex products, transformed into informed customers, who require and search unique and complex solutions, with possibility of experiencing the moment before, during and after their vacations. Tourists that use intensively the technology (e.g. cameras, smartphones, tablets, PC, etc.), and  that transform themselves into prescribers of other tourists and travelers in social networks.

The new client searches and selects previously on the Internet the information and contents of interest about the resources and products, existing in the required touristic destination.

Nowadays, the touristic reality is different. The offer did not evolve, as it did the request and the clients. The sector is still offering “beds”, while the tourist requires and buys “dreams”.

Optitur offers dreams and experiences for each kind of the traveler.

Evolve to the New Tourism of 21st century and take as many advantages as possible.